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Vicksburg Art Association Spring 2004 Membership Exhibition
with comments by David Jones, judge

BEST IN SHOW WC 34 Bromeliad Number Two Alice Jean Dortch Very strong image, excellent technique, powerful use of color and light play.
Second Place WC 37 Intricate Web of Life III Ruth Reese Strong composition, excellent technique and craftsmanship, use of texture and pattern.

Third Place 3D 16 Spirit Wind Janet Akers Powerful, evocative imagery, excellent craft and use of materials.

First Place WC 37
Intricate Web of Life III
Ruth Reese
Excellent technique, composition, use of color and pattern.

Second Place
WC 31 Spiritual Flight
Virginia Snow
Good use of technique and color, good composition.

Third Place
WC 27 Free Spirit
Debbie Kendrick Good technique, high impact image, good drawing.

Honorable Mention
WC 15 Early Snow
Tom Harmon Good technique, light/dark, use of color.

Honorable Mention
WC 22 Remembering Eve
Evelyne Breland Good design and concept.

Honorable Mention
WC 26 Buttercups II - Spring is Here
Debbie Kendrick Good technique, execution and drawing.

First Place
OI 11 Tea Time
Michael Taylor Very good drawing, excellent technique, nice light and dark.

Second Place
OI 18 McCarty and Crimson Red
Offie Oakes Powerful use of color, strong composition.

Third Place
OI 24 Differences of the Same Kind
Tony Davenport
Strong emotional content/impact, style supports the narrative well, both humor and drama in one painting.

Honorable Mention
OI 06 When in Rome
Victoria Abraham Good use of color, nice technique.

Honorable Mention
OI 10 Red Beauties
Tina Pepper Bradford Nice style, play of light.

Honorable Mention
OI 27 Man from New Orleans
Julie McCartney Strong technique.

Honorable Mention
OI 30 In the Foyer
Julie McCartney Good technique, nice feeling to the painting.

First Place
AC 21 Tranquility Base
Tina Pepper Bradford Excellent technique, play of light and dark, good drawing.

Second Place
AC 09 Monte Carlo Club
Jean Blue Wonderful technique, use of color, good drawing.

Third Place
AC 07 Ancient Vessels
JoAnn Burnham Wonderful color, nice technique.

Honorable Mention
AC 05 Stepping Out
JoAnn Burnham Great technique, interesting drawing.

Honorable Mention
AC 04 Meadow Moods
Lee Grant Interesting concept, good technique, and sense of space.

Honorable Mention
AC 20 Courtyard Banana
Jean Blue Nice technique, use of color.

First Place
3D 16 Spirit Wind
Janet Akers Powerful, evocative imagery, excellent craft and use of materials.

Second Place
3D 05 Bottle
Randy Hayward Jolly Beautiful glazing, excellent form, and surface color integrity.

Third Place
3D 12 Black Vase
Randy Hayward Jolly Excellent technique, combinations of texture, form is unique.

Honorable Mention
3D 06 Coiled Bowl
Brenda Neumann Form has integrity with method.

Honorable Mention
3D 04 Have a Heart
Janet Akers Beautiful combination of color and form.

Honorable Mention
3D 08 Forest Floor
Michelle Howell Unique, whimsical, and odd!


First Place PC 08 White Cypress
Dedee Everman Mystery, mood, color, light and composition all work great together.

Second Place
PC 03 Firenze Seclusion
Ed Schilling Excellent composition and subject matter.

Third Place
PC 07 Lasting Impression
Ednita Prentiss Excellent light, color, and composition. High quality work.

Honorable Mention
PC 24 Vernazza Fishing Boats
Anita Schilling Good color, quality.

Honorable Mention
PC 27 Alps Paraglider
Ed Schilling Good action, composition.

Honorable Mention
PC 22 Rain Over Palouse
Michael Taylor Perfect light, mood.

Honorable Mention
PC 02 Where the Last Fires of Sunset Burned
Max Ford Great light.

Honorable Mention
PC 05 Sun Set Showers
Ron J. Alexander Wonderful mood and composition.

First Place
PR 03 Violet Zinnias
Leslie Horton Nice use of color and technique.

Second Place
PR 06 The Road to Tuscany
Wanda Hurt Warren
Good composition, technique.

Third Place
PR 04 Oooh Grandmama Caught Them Again
Rosalind E. Roy Strong story being told.

Honorable Mention
PR 01 Tree of Life
Leslie Horton Interesting technique.

Honorable Mention
PR 02 Garden with Bridge
B.J. Crawford Good technique.

Honorable Mention
PR 05 Life on Mars
Ruth Reese Great color.

PHOTO - MONO________________
First Place
PM 06 Standing Out in the Rain
Lesley Silver Good craft, intriguing imagery.

Second Place
PM 07 Just Us Girls
Anita Schilling Good quality, great composition, strong image.

Third Place
PM 03 Yesterday
Norman Scheffner Wonderful textures, strong image.

Honorable Mention
PM 01 Into the Swamp
Sally Green Excellent quality and composition

Honorable Mention
PM 02 Praying
Shu H. Chang Evocative imagery.

Honorable Mention
PM 12 City Sidewalks
Max Ford Bold, quality image.

MIXED MEDIA_____________
First Place
MM 11 Apples, Sampled
Evelyne Breland Excellent design, composition, technique.

Second Place
MM 17 She’s Getting Married?
Lesley Silver Strong impact, excellent use of materials, economy of expression.

Third Place
MM 05 Reminiscing
JoAnn Burnham Wonderful use of color and technique.

Honorable Mention
MM 02 White Tulips
JoAnn Burnham Good technique.

Honorable Mention
MM 13 “Absolute”
Virginia Snow Strong composition, use of color.

Honorable Mention
MM 14 Who Pulls the Strings?
Lesley Silver Strong imagery and technique.

Honorable Mention
MM 20 Night Attack
Tom Harmon Strong imagery and technique.

First Place
DR 11 Why Sunday
Patsy Kirkwood Excellent technique, good composition, evocative imagery.

Second Place
DR 10 Waterfalls
Kelly P. McCaffery Excellent technique, and use of color and imagery.

Third Place
DR 01 Rowdy
Patsy Kirkwood Good technique, composition.

Honorable Mention
DR 02 Sacraments
Randy Hayward Jolly Good technique and composition.

Honorable Mention
DR 03 Woman in Contemplation
Dania Davis Strong and bold use of line.


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The VAA offers art-related programs and/or speakers. Throughout the year workshops in varied art disciplines are held. Competitive exhibtions of work by regional artists are hosted. Most of these events are held at the Old Constitution Firehouse Gallery located at the corner of Main and Openwood Streets


About the Firehouse

                        The VAA is fortunate to have as its headquarters one of Vicksburg's first firehouses. This building has been designated as a Mississippi Landmark by the Department of Archives and History. The Old Constitution Firehouse is believed by the Archives and History Department to be the most intact Victorian fire station in the state.

It was built in 1870 as the second house for the city's first volunteer fire company and later housed the first paid company.

  The building retains the central stall, barracks room, cupola, and bell which was used to call the volunteers.

  The presence of the fire station made the Openwood - Main Street area one of the most desirable residential districts in Vicksburg before 1876.



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